Click to link The 408MTS opens up new territory. The Jura-based company still offers rapid series changeovers combined with flexibility, process robustness and the overall engineering of tailor-made solutions for its customers, but it adds a new dimension medical, dental, and precision contract machining.  it adds a new dimension: an increase in productivity of up […]


Click to link Intro WALTER has been writing grinding history since 1919. WALTER has developed from a small enterprise into an internationally active company with around 600 staff. Walter Maschinenbau GmbH owes its position in the market to the wealth of experience it has gained from years of serving its customers needs. Its former pioneering spirit is also reflected in its […]


OELHELD Click to link   Grinding oil Synthetic high-performance grinding oils for the best surfaces! Grinding oils in our SintoGrind series are high-performance cooling lubricants made of synthetic base oils, free of chlorine and heavy metals, for high-speed grinding processes that require extreme precision and optimum cooling. SintoGrind products are free of aromatics and contain […]


MOTOREX OIL Click to link WATER-MISCIBLE CUTTING FLUID PERFORMANCE, PROCESS SECURITY AND EFFICIENCY MOTOREX INDUSTRIAL LINE With its core competence in industrial lubrication technology, MOTOREX AG has been a top choice for both small businesses and global corporations for decades. Thanks to close cooperation with machine and tool manufacturers in MOTOREX Synergy Projects, each MOTOREX […]