Vomat filtration

Vomat Filtartion Systems Click to link Why Vomat Micro-Filtration Systems?   In many areas of the metalworking industry, cooling lubricants with high purity are required (NAS 7/8 or 3-5 µm). A wide variety of technologies have been used to try to achieve this goal. In order to create a cost-effective and optimal solution for you, […]


Click to link The 408MT is a multi-process machining center dedicated to machining parts with complex geometry from bar stock or in one-piece mode. It is equipped with a swiveling powered spindle fitted on a B-axis and a high-precision A-axis divider spindle enabling operations in turning mode up to 6,000 rpm and in milling mode […]


Click to link About WALTER – Expertise and Specialties Walter Maschinenbau GmbH produces CNC machines for grinding and/or eroding metal, wood and PCD tools and rotationally-symmetrical production components. The production range is supplemented by CNC measuring machines for non-contact complete measurement of complex precision tools and rotationally-symmetrical parts with documented accuracy in a single clamping. Our grinding and measuring expertise is incorporated into the development […]


OELHELD Click to link   Grinding oil Synthetic high-performance grinding oils for the best surfaces! Grinding oils in our SintoGrind series are high-performance cooling lubricants made of synthetic base oils, free of chlorine and heavy metals, for high-speed grinding processes that require extreme precision and optimum cooling. SintoGrind products are free of aromatics and contain […]


MOTOREX OIL Click to link WATER-MISCIBLE CUTTING FLUID PERFORMANCE, PROCESS SECURITY AND EFFICIENCY MOTOREX INDUSTRIAL LINE With its core competence in industrial lubrication technology, MOTOREX AG has been a top choice for both small businesses and global corporations for decades. Thanks to close cooperation with machine and tool manufacturers in MOTOREX Synergy Projects, each MOTOREX […]


Click to link GE ADDITIVEAdditive manufacturing machines Featuring some of the most advanced additive technologies available, machines and 3D printers from Arcam EBM and Concept Laser enable customers to grow products quickly and precisely. And since they’re capable of achieving high levels of accuracy, even on intricate shapes and geometries, these industrial 3D printing machines […]


Click to link HORIZONTAL MACHINING CENTERS With superior performance that is distinctly Toyoda, we manufacture state-of-the-art horizontal machining centers for efficient production and high-precision machining. Toyoda horizontal machining centers provide industry-leading speed, rigidity, and accuracy to keep machine shops productive.