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The 408MT is a multi-process machining center dedicated to machining parts with complex geometry from bar stock or in one-piece mode. It is equipped with a swiveling powered spindle fitted on a B-axis and a high-precision A-axis divider spindle enabling operations in turning mode up to 6,000 rpm and in milling mode with high angular resolution.

The machine can be equipped with an automatic back machining unit fitted on a U-axis. This unit, which can house either a precision viSe or grippers for internal or external clamping, is driven by a rotary movement which enables secondary machining of the cut face. The machining center can house pallets both on the A-axis and on the BACK MACHINING unit, ensuring rapid run changeovers.

Benefiting from the latest technological developments and Willemin-Macodel’s comprehensive expertise in high-precision machining, the 408MT machining center is perfect for cutting-edge industries such as watchmaking, jewelery, medical, dental, and precision contract machining.