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The 408MTS opens up new territory. The Jura-based company still offers rapid series changeovers combined with flexibility, process robustness and the overall engineering of tailor-made solutions for its customers, but it adds a new dimension medical, dental, and precision contract machining.

 it adds a new dimension: an increase in productivity of up to 45% depending on the parts! I

As usual, Willemin-Macodel is building on the company’s proven solutions to take them to new levels. The 408MTS therefore incorporates the improvements of the 40 series unveiled last year, including the company’s latest design codes that offer maximum user comfort coupled with the highest performance.

A compact machining center that offers more

In developing the new 40 series presented in 2021, the company’s engineers had already made prowess by integrating a tool magazine with 72 positions, even managing to reduce the dimensions of the machine a little further. They are now going even further by integrating a 2nd motor spindle on a 2nd machining station as well as a 2nd dedicated tool magazine, without impacting the footprint of the machine. The 2 independent machining stations offer a highly productive solution on less than 3 m2. Willemin-Macodel has not made any concessions on the quality of milling. In the first operation, we find the high-performance 42,000 rpm motor spindle that has made the reputation of the 40 and 50 series machining centres. In the second operation, Willemin-Macodel integrated a compact motor spindle that allows high-speed machining up to 45,000 rpm, which offers comparable milling performance on both stations.